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What Fans Are Saying ...

" Big Crowd at the Crazy House" is a triumph of the Human Spirit. Written with the flair of a stand-up comic, and plain old down to earth HEART. A must read for all ages. Heather Brown is the "pied piper" for anyone struggling in a weary world. 
- Jeff Schmidt - Fan 

Heather Brown's "Big Crowd at the Crazy House" is a must-read for anyone with manic-depressive in their life. In reading the book it becomes clear that the illness' victim is often the last to acknowledge a need for help. By definition, their judgement is at times skewed by the disorder. But with a raging sense of humor and brutally honest details, Brown chronicles the impact the illness can have on every aspect of a person's life, even one as accomplished and talented as herself. 
-Brian Boyce- Tribune Star Newspaper

Your book made me feel that there is hope out there for me.

 Made me feel that I am not alone in this crazy world.  
-Nicole McRoy

We highly recommend this book.  It is a very powerful, true-life story that will bring you closer to understanding the obstacles that face those who struggle with bipolar disorder.

 A very good read!
- Joe McNeely- Co-Owner Dusty Collectables - Worthington, Indiana

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