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$15 Signed Copy

Big Crowd at the Crazy House


Big Crowd at the Crazy House offers readers a backstage pass inside the mind of someone who has suffered from the highs and lows of manic-depression or bipolar disorder. 


If you or someone you love is suffering from bipolar disorder, this book is a must-read.  People who suffer from this illness are some of the world's most creative and gifted people, if they don't surrender to depression and ultimately; suicide. 


Heather D. Brown feels it is her duty, having survived 2 attempts herself, the second of which she regained consciousness on 9/11/2001, to help others who are suffering, understand they can not only just SURVIVE this illness, but THRIVE. 

You are not ALONE...

Send a copy to a friend or loved one - Please include the persons name and address with the order.  Have a family member who is suffering and you don't understand?  I encourage you to read this book and then pass it along.  



Chasing Fame  
Available 2019

The first book of poetry in Heather D. Brown's upcoming Chasing Series.  After wading through over 20 years of poems that were rarely typed, mostly scribbled, and written on everything from post-its, napkins, scraps of paper and menus; some so old they were only hanging together by a dream and a prayer... Finally her best poems have come together in book one of a series...


Hopefully you will find some words that will inspire you to believe in yourself and dig deep to find strength in yourself.  It is my wish that Chasing Fame gives you a glimpse of the kind of courage it takes to build yourself up- even when it would be much, much easier to just give up.  Only when you have suffered the worst, can you truly dig deep to find the ability to reach your full potential.  Every time we get knocked down, we get back up just a little bit stronger.

Prayer Trax  - To Be Announced

Booking Dates Soon for 2019 - Email Heather D. Brown to reserve your date to set up a Book Signing, and 10% of all sales for the day will be donated to your church, fundraiser, or organization!

Prayer Trax is a Daily Prayer and Scripture Journal that is sure to become a treasured keepsake!   With Prayer Trax you will have all of your favorite scriptures, sermon notes and more all in one convenient journal!  Keep track of your daily prayer and so much more! 


Prayers DO come True and with Prayer Trax - seeing is Believing - Prayer Trax will keep you on the right track...


Prayer Trax is great for-

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Quote Trax  

Available Very Soon! Please Check Back!

Working on the Final Cover

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